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Sterilizer Monitoring Program Service 

For Dental Practices and Tattoo Parlors, maintaining safe practices for patients means monitoring and performing regular testing for the efficacy of sterilizers.  For steam and chemical sterilizers it is crucial to regularly verify that the sterilizing conditions are providing the appropriate kill for tools and instrumentation used on clients.  We can provide supplies and procedures needed to assist in these areas of your Sterilizer Monitoring Program.  



Sterilizer monitoring is the process of evaluating a sterilization cycle, an autoclave for example, by rendering highly resistant bacterial spores biologically inert.  The common assurance procedure is indirect testing methods, such as temperature sensitive tape and color/chemical changing indicators.  Both are ineffective and unreliable in ensuring proper sterilization.  That is why a regular sterilization monitoring program is an important part of any office, lab, or dental infection control program.  The sporocidal effectiveness of your offices sterilizer can be monitored weekly by ARYTE Bioscience.  Ongoing monitoring gives assurance to you, your customers, and patients that your current products and tools are safe and sterile. 




ARYTE Bioscience tests specifically with biological indicators, more commonly known as spore strips.  They are glacine envelopes containing small films.  The films are saturated with common bacterial endospores such as Geobacillus stearothermophilus.  The spore strips are run through your office/labs sterilizer and then mailed along with a non-sterilized control to ARYTE Bioscience.  Upon submission of your product the spore strips are incubated in media for 24 hours to a full seven days, depending on the sterilizer and spore strip.  The media is evaluated at specified intervals  and evaluated for negative or positive result.  At the end of the test period, if you desire preliminary results are corresponded back to your office/lab.  An official report and Certificate of Analysis of the results is then mailed out a few days later.        

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