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  • Does gamma sterization remove RNase?
    No. Gamma sterilization will not remove RNase, DNase, DNA, or pyrogens.
  • Does autoclaving or heat remove RNase?
    No. RNase is a very persistent enzyme. It renatures even after extreme heat.
  • Are endotoxing removed by autoclaving?
    No. In many cases autoclaving can substantially increase the amount of endotoxins on a product.
  • Why should lab plastic be certified DNase and RNase free?
    The market is rapidly changing. Many researchers now expect products that are to be used for Molecular biology to be certified RNase and DNase free. Your company may be limiting market potential by not offering certified products. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical and medical research markets where pyrogens are a major concern.
  • Is in-house testing sufficient for DNase and RNase free?
    A good quality program will validate any testing by an outside source on a regular basis. Many companies send testing every quarter to make sure that their own in-house test results are verified and valid.
  • Is DNase and RNase testing affordable?
    Certifying is affordable and will not significantly add to the bottom line of a product. Not certifying your products may lead to lost sales.
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