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Luria Bertani Medium, Powder (pH 7)

Catalog No: 2300

Luria Bertani Medium (Miller) is used for the cultivation and maintenance of recombinant strains of Escherichia coli .  In addition to routine cultivation of non particular fastidious microorganisms.

Powdered Luria Broth are pre-mixed and pre-buffered homogeneous dry powder formulations.  With the media buffered at pH 7, greater and more consistent yields of DNA are obtained compared to standard media.  

Pre-mixed media are easy to use and save both time and hassle of preparing formulations from raw materials.  

All media components are guaranteed BSE-Free.

Directions Per Liter

Reconstitute 25 grams of material into 900 mL of deionized water.  Shake until the solutes have dissolved. Sterilize by autoclovaing for 15 min at 150 psi on liquid cycle.

Storage and Stability

Store at ambient temperature. Keep properly sealed and away from moisture.  Product is hygroscopic.  

Product is guaranteed two years from date of manufacture.  

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